Radar for Metro Vancouver Buses

A screenshot of Radar running on an iPhone, showing the locations of 5 buses on a map.

Radar shows you live, up-to-the-minute bus locations in the Metro Vancouver public transit system.

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Radar is designed to work with iPhone and iPod touch running iOS 10.0 or later

Common Questions

How do I use Radar?
Start by entering the bus route number. Radar will fetch the bus locations on that route, and place teardrop-shaped markers on the map. The pointed side tells you the direction:
Sample image of a northbound marker
Sample image of an eastbound marker
Sample image of a westbound marker
Sample image of a southbound marker
How accurate is Radar?
Bus locations are typically accurate to within 1–2 minutes and several car lengths of when and where the signals were sent. You can tap on a bus location to see exactly when the location was sent.
Radar is only as accurate as the information given by the public transit agency, which can vary based on multiple factors. Please allow extra time when travelling.
Some markers have a dashed border. What does that mean?
A dashed border indicates that the location is getting outdated and the bus is likely not at that location anymore. This happens when a bus location is 60 seconds or older.
How do I tell when my bus will arrive?
Radar is a visual way to plan your trip. Knowing where the buses are right now allows you to decide when to leave for the bus stop. Give it a try!
When you get to the bus stop, you can even enter the 5-digit bus stop number, typically printed in yellow on the sign, and Radar will give you more information about that stop. Tap on the small “i” to see estimated next bus times for that stop.
Image showing a bus stop on the map
In fact, Radar gives you more information than just bus times. The destination is listed under the time. The colour of the time itself tells you about the status of that bus. Blue means real-time estimates. Green means the bus is ahead of schedule. Orange means it is behind schedule. Scheduled means it is showing the scheduled time because real-time data is unavailable.
Image showing next bus times
Bus times are estimates provided by the public transit agency, and their accuracy could vary based on multiple factors. Please allow extra time when travelling.
How do I find nearby bus stops?
To find nearby bus stops, simply tap the location button in the bottom-left corner, or zoom in closer. Radar shows bus stops that are within 600 meters from the center of the map. A circular overlay highlights the search area.
You can view buses for a particular stop by tapping on the Radar button.
Image showing nearby stops
How do I see where I am?
Your location is shown as a pulsating green dot on the map. Tap the location button in the bottom-left corner to home in on your location. If that doesn't work, you may have to enable Location Services.
To turn it on, go back to the home screen, then Settings > Privacy > Location Services. Make sure Location Services is turned ON. Also make sure it is ON for Radar, which is listed below.
How do bookmarks work?
Bookmarks allow you to quickly search for bus routes and stops, without having to type them in every time.
To create a bookmark, first search for the route and/or stop as usual. Then, tap Edit > Filters (1 Filter / 2 Filters) > Add to Bookmarks. You can give the bookmark a meaningful name (such as Home or First Transfer). Tap Done to save the bookmark.
Image showing the Filters button
To use your bookmarks, tap Edit to bring up the search bar, then tap the bookmarks button on the right. When you select one of your bookmarks, and Radar will fetch bus locations using the route and/or stop stored in that bookmark.
Image showing the bookmarks button

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